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MPS_UTECLogger is a companion software for the TurboXS UTEC ecu.  Originally, it started out as a bridge between the TurboXS UTEC ecu and various Wide-Band O2 sensors available on the market.  This allows for the recording of UTEC logs that have WB A/F ratio values embedded in the UTEC log.  In addition to the "bridging" feature, the software has been expanded to include other major features that UTEC users can use.  Digital Gauges have been added to the software to allow users to view the critical 8 readings from the UTEC (and WBO2) in full screen or sized anyway they want for quick reference while driving.  This allows your laptop to function as a digital dashboard for the UTEC with large, easy to read, digital gauges.  Lastly, in an effort to minimize the required use of 3rd party logmappers, a fully featured integrated LogMapper has been added to the software to help analyze the log data easily and quickly without switching programs and processing a log with another logmapper.  MPS_UTECLogger's integrated LogMapper does have one advantage to other 3rd party logmappers available.  The advantage is that it generates the LogMap data in REAL-TIME as you drive.  The integrated LogMapper is always available and can be opened or closed during a session without loosing the LogMap data, and the data is recorded in the background.

How MPS_UTECLogger Works...
This program will connect to the UTEC on one Com port, and connect to a compatible Wide Band O2 sensor with a 2nd Com port.  Once both units are connected this software receives the UTEC log output and the WBO2 A/F Ratio output, and inserts the Wideband O2 data into the UTEC logger data, and saves to a file.  The resulting log file looks very similar to a log saved using a TurboXS Tuner connected to a UTEC.  Now, log info is saved into one log file, which saves time by not having to analyze two different logs of the same run.  It also saves money by not requiring the use of the LM-1 optional Auxiliary Input module, since all RPM, Boost, TPS values are already logged with the UTEC, the Wideband O2 is ONLY reading WBo2 data.


Don't Have a Wide Band O2 meter?
If you do not have a WBO2 device (at all, or a compatible model), THAT'S OK!  You can still benefit from the Digital Gauges and the integrated LogMapper portion of the program.  In this case, the WBO2 Com port can be disabled, so that the software will run and work with ONLY the UTEC connected.  In this mode, the A/F Ratio data is not available, but all other data from UTEC is displayed.   You can still save logs as well, but again, the AFR data will not be available.


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MPS_UTECLogger v3.0

View the latest release notes to see what's been changed in the latest version:  releasenotes.txt

Download User Manual

This program is intended for testing purposes only.  Please report any bugs, or feature requests to



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  Wide-Band O2 <-> UTEC Bridge

The "original" drive for creating the software was based on a need to integrate UTEC logs together with Air/Fuel Ratio's from one of the many Lambda (Wideband O2)guages on the market.

Before this "bridge"  tool was created, a tuner would have to wade through not only the UTEC log, but also a WBO2 log that they produced.  This was 'nearly' impossible to do since the sample rates of the devices were different, there was no way to keep track of your position within two logs simultaneously.

Now, you can connect your TurboXS UTEC ecu to your laptop, as well as your favorite compatible Lambda meter, and record a log that combines the data of the two devices into one file.  Now Wideband Air/Fuel ratio's can be recorded along with the UTEC ecu information.  Which makes tuning your UTEC even easier!

The latest version of MPS_UTECLogger supports Innovate's LM-1 and LC-1 Lambda meters, as well as AEM's EUGO meter, PLX Devices, Zeitronix, TechEdge, and the TurboXS Tuner WB meter.  No other "Bridge" software supports this many different WBO2 meters.  Future versions may support other popular models as well.

                                         Main Logger Window

  Digital Gauges (UTEC Dashboard)

The Digital Gauges provide real-time display of the most critical UTEC/ECU operating parameters.  8 digital gauges are shown in the Gauge window plus a visual "Knock Warning" indicator across the top of the window (invisible until knock is detected, then illuminates when knock is present) as well as an audible warning.  When using the program in stand-alone UTEC mode (without a Wide Band O2 sensor attached), the AFR digital gauge displays a "0", while the remaining gauges continue to work normally.

This window can be resized to any size/shape and can dock to the side of the main window for easy access.



  Real-time LogMapper

LogMap tables make it easy for a person to dial in their fuel, timing and boost maps very quickly.  All the data gathered is instantly displayed in the same RMPxMAP 2d table format as the UTEC uses to tune.  The resulting Log Map makes it easy to spot trouble spots in a fuel map, or big jumps in timing that need smoothing out for example.

While there may be other LogMappers available to process UTEC logs, only the UTECLogger's integrated LogMapper has the EXCLUSIVE feature in that runs in "real-time" from data gathered from the UTEC as you drive!  This allows you to visually see your LogMap being built right before your eye's.

With other LogMappers, you have to record long logs and then wait while the log is processed.  You don't find out the results until long after the drive is over.  With UTECLogger's integrated LogMapper, you don't have to wait anymore!  In fact, you don't even have to record a log in order to record a LogMap.  As long as the UTECLogger software is connected to the UTEC, the LogMap is recorded independently of a recorded log.

Once a LogMap is created, it can be saved out in an Excel friendly .CSV spreadsheet file format.  All 9 LogMap data types can be saved out to file for importing to Excel (or any spreadsheet program that supports .csv files) for printing and data manipulation/ comparison.








This software currently supports 4 different version of the TurboXS UTEC.  The list of supported UTEC's is as follows:

        -  Subaru WRX UTEC
        -  Subaru STi UTEC
        -  Mitsubishi Evo 8 UTEC
        -  Nissan 350z / Infinity G35 UTEC   (New!)


Wide Band O2 Meters

This software currently supports 4 different Wideband O2 devices on the market.  The list of supported WBO2 devices is as follows:

        -  Innovate Motorsports LM-1
        -  Innovate Motorsports LC-1
        -  AEM UEGO
        -  TurboXS Tuner
        -  Zeitronics ZT-2   (New!)
        -  PLX Devices R-Series     (New!)
        -  TechEdge 2.0    (New!)

This software only works with LM-1 firmware version 1.4 or later.  Earlier version of firmware prior to 1.4 do not support real-time serial feedback from the LM-1 during operation.  The latest version of firmware can be found on Innovate Motorsports website:


NOTE:  This program requires two available Com ports on your PC to work if you are using the software to bridge a Wide Band O2 meter and the UTEC.  If you do not have two available Com ports, USB-to-Serial adapters can bought for $15-$30, from most PC and electronics stores, that will allow you to add Serial Com ports to your PC via your USB ports.


Upgrading?  Make sure you use the Control Panel's "Add/Remove programs" to uninstall any previous versions prior to installing a new version.  Failure to do this will not cause any permanent harm, but multiple version of the program may appear in the Windows "installed programs" list if previous versions are not uninstalled first.

This program is intended for testing purposes only.  Use at your own risk.  Please report any bugs, or feature requests to

NOTE:  If you have donated ANY dollar amount to previous versions of MPS_UTECLogger (including 2.0) development, please contact tech support via email to receive instructions on how to receive your FREE Registration LICENSE KEYS for version 3.0!  This is being offered in appreciation to everyone who monetarily supported the project development (no matter how big or small the donation was).  Thank you!



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