MPS_CommTester 1.0
Copyright (c) 2003-2007 By Jason Mussetter
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Software Overview
Screen Shots

Program Screen Shots:

Below are screen shots of some of the program main user interface along with descriptions of what the windows are used for.

These are to show you the basics of the software, however, to discover how important a tool like MPS_CommTester can be in reality, download the FREE Trial Version and try it yourself and see!


(Main Window Interface)

You can see that the interface is clean and simple.  Under the "Data To Send" group of controls, you simply build your command string using any combination of ASCII, Hex, or Character Codes.  Once the command is built and complete, the 'Send String' button will send the command.

The Received data is shown in the 'Receive Data' window.

The 'Port Activity' shows Transmit and Receive activity for the Main Port and the Passthru (Bridged) port.

The status bar always lets you know the status of the com port(s), including what com port your using, baud rate info, and whether the ports are opened or closed.


This window shows the Received Com data in Hex bytes so low level analysis can be made (Hyperterminal cannot do this!)


This window let's you quickly key in multiple hex bytes for the entire ASCII range while building command strings.  (Hyperterminal cannot do this either!)


The communication Settings window is straight forward to allow you to easily setup all main settings of an RS-232 connection using most major baud rates and flow control options.

To use Bridge Mode, simply setup the main com port for the first com port, and then under 'Replicate Port Passthru' section, select the second com port you wish to use.  Once these ports are opened, data between the two ports will be seamlessly bridged, while allowing the user to view data simultaneously from both ports.  (Hyperterminal cannot do this!)


30-Day Free Trial

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MPS_CommTester v1.0

View the latest release notes to see what's been changed in the latest version:  releasenotes.txt

This program is intended for testing purposes only.  Please report any bugs, or feature requests to



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