Residential Projects

Residental projects are set apart by their requirement for attention to detail. The client is also the homeowner, and detail and usability are key requirements in a successful integration project. Mussetter Programming Services' experience in these areas can help you set your residential project apart from the others.

We've provided solutions for elaborate stand-along Home Theater systems, as well as whole-house A/V distribution and everything in between. We can provide solutions to control a single room in a residential project, or an entire integrated smart home, with not only A/V control, but environment and amnenities control as well.

Residential Portfolio:

Whole House A/V:

This residence was fitted with a 13 zone distributed audio and video system with some additional touches. Of the 13 zones, 5 of them are stand-alone video systems as well, including the living room surround sound theater system. The audio zones covered every room in the house and were fed by a host of head-end audio sources. Each zone could be set for an independent source and volume level to allow the home owner the most flexibility for entertaining guests. Several of the home's other amenities were also controlled via the touch panel, including the front and rear entry gates, the water fountain and spa heater & pumps, plus the garage doors and living room fireplace. The control system consisted of 2 Identical wireless touch panels that allow the home owners to control any of the distributed zones in the system independently from either of the touch panels.
System Notes: Crestron Control with 2 touch panels, Crestron Adagio AES+AAE, Crestron Surround Processor, 5 Flat Panel TV's, head-end shared sources with some dedicated sources in various zones.
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Home Theater System:

This residence was fitted with a high end home theater system for the living room. The Family room consisted of a smaller system for normal TV viewing as well. The Crestron controlled both rooms system, including power on/off, source selection and control of each of the input sources. Control of the rooms was from a wireless 5" touch panel, where the size was a real challenge with the functions needed, but this factor was overcome, and the system remained easy to use for the client.
System Notes: Crestron Control, Meridian Surround Processor, Meridian DVD Player, Meridian Speakers, head-end shared sources for two A/V zones.
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