Services We Offer

Mussetter Programming Services provides custom programming, design, configuration, and end solutions specifically for the following manufacturers and equipment:

        - Crestron SimplWin and Simpl+ Programming and touch panel design
        - AMX Axcess and Netlinx programming and touch panel design
        - Extron MediaLink and TouchLink programming and touch panel design
        - ClearOne XAP and ConvergePro audio DSP configuration/programming
        - BiAmp AudiaFlex and Nexia audio DSP configuration/programming
        - Polycom Vortex and Soundstructure audio DSP configuration/programming

In addition to these core services, Mussetter Programming Services also provides integrators and end users help with system training, troubleshooting, and technical support services. These services help integrators provide their clients with top notch customer support for their advanced A/V and control systems after initial system commissioning is complete.

Services Details

Programming/Design Services:
        - AMX/Netlinx system design and programming
        - Crestron system design and programming
        - Extron MediaLink and IPLink design and programming
        - PC custom control applications
        - Multimedia and 2D/3D Graphics design
        - Custom Modules to control devices

Pro A/V Services:
        - On site service support
        - IT technical support
        - Audio Mixer Configuration (ClearOne, Polycom, Symetrix, BiAmp, etc.)
        - Video Conferencing setup and configuration
        - Installation
        - System Commissioning
        - Training

Programming Services:

AMX Axcess/NetLinx Programming:  MPS offers you endless possibilities to you're control solution.  Factory trained, and Amx "ACE" certified for Programming and Designing of AMX systems, ensures you the highest level of expertise when it comes to MPS programming your control system.  With years of experience and hundreds of high-end systems running programs by MPS, rest assured, you'll be in the right hands.  Whether your project is an upgrade to an existing system, or a complete new design/build project, MPS will be there to meet you're requirements.

Crestron SimplWin / Simpl+ Programming:  Also factory trained, certified, and Crestron CSP members--MPS has over 12 years of experience with Crestron controllers too.  Using a blend of Crestron's Simpl programming language and Crestron's Simpl+ advanced language, the perfect control experience can be accomplished.

Device Specific Module Development:  Reguardless of the programming language or control system used, MPS can develop device specific control modules based on your specifications to use in your own projects.  Whether you need to control a projector or plasma, to a video conferencing codec, or audio mixers, MPS can develop compact, easy to use, and flexible program modules that can be added to your own control programs for easy integration of advanced equipment.  This can help ease the burden of a in-house programmer writing an entire application from scratch, and can help meet restrictive time schedules on large projects. 

Extron TouchLink/IP Link Programming:  Extron Electronic's Touch Link control solutions are a great bang for the buck solution when it comes to basic presentation systems.  Custom RS-232 serial communication's is still required to get most of these systems up and running properly, and MPS can help. We are Extron Certified Control Providers.

Windows Platform Development:  Look no further when it comes to development of custom applications for the Microsoft Windows platform.  MPS has experience in programming several different languages including Visual Basic 2005, Pascal, and C++.  Custom applications to custom ActiveX and .NET controls can be created for you.


Graphics Services:

Touch Panel Design / User Interface:  The user interface is the most important part of the control system, as it is what the user sees and interacts with while using the audio/video system.  User Interfaces need to be intuitive, yet complete enough to perform the required tasks.  To some customers, the user interface IS the A/V system, as it is the only piece that they have physical contact with.  If customers don't like the GUI that controls the system, they probably won't be happy with the entire system.  MPS has over 12 years of experience with designing professional user interfaces for a wide variety of end users, each with unique requirements.  This experience helps us create very streamlined and task oriented user interfaces that make using any system seem easy, and they look good too!

2D Graphics Design:  Whether for use in touch panel layouts, web sites, or application interfaces for the Windows environment, MPS can provide custom 2d graphics that will look great and cater to the specific medium that they're intended for.  All user interfaces created by MPS feature a blend of some high level, 2D graphic work, however, many budgets don't allow for the extra time required to make a user interface to really shine.  Not only do standard GUI's still get the attention they deserve, remember, If you want to have your user interface or touch panel layout look even better...just say so, and the sky is the limit!  Really...

3D Graphics Design:  Want some really mind-blowing graphics?  Then step into the 3D realm, and things get exciting.  Want animated buttons that rotate, morph, wiggle, bounce, or bend...not a problem.  Need an animation that goes beyond the standard "flash anim" that everyone has?  MPS has over 12 years working with various high end 3D applications including Lightwave 3d, 3d Studio, Imagine, POV-Ray, and Vivid.  From simple icon based animations to high end production spots and TV bumpers, MPS is up to the task.


Pro A/V Services:

Networking Solutions:  MPS can help contractors with your on-site network setup and configuration needs.  With Network+ certification, and experience setting up and configuring IP networks, you're in good hands.  In fact, with ProA/V and IT converging faster and faster these days, you NEED someone on you're staff that knows the ins and outs of ethernet based networking solutions.  Most of the common control systems including both AMX and Crestron now support networking and communications of IP networks with devices or other system masters.  Many of today's and tomorrows A/V equipment is now being built with network support from the manufacturer.  This means as time goes on, more and more of todays traditional A/V equipment will be installed on a IP based network, with control and signal information being received via TCP/IP over ethernet.  MPS has the networking experience you need to help fill in the gap between the A/V system and the IT networking system.

Digital Signal Processor Setup / Config:  We offer programming and configuration and setup of most digital signal processing processors and audio conferencing systems. More specifically, we regularly configure and setup ClearOne, Polycom, BiAmp, and others. We'll help get your audio system, sounding good.

Installation / Configuration:  Many installers know what their doing when it comes time to install a peice of equipment, however, what about configuration of that same peice of equipment?  Chances are, if you need complex equipment installed such as video conferencing codecs, and digital audio mixers/DSP processors, the installer is not the one configuring this equipment.  Most companies send out field engineers or service staff in addition to the installer to perform the configuration/setup of the equipment.  Is this efficient?  MPS can install, configure, and properly setup just about any hardware equipment that you may have, and can help eliminate the need to send 2 members of your staff out to complete the whole task.

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