About Us

Mussetter Programming Services is an independently owned US company based in California's San Francisco Bay Area. We are a software solutions provider that aims at creating high-end, high-performance, custom control software and GUI's for the Pro AV market. We work with integrators of all sizes, large and small, to provide them with seamless programming services for their clients of all types.

Company Concept:

Mussetter Programming Services is a software solutions provider that provides custom software programming services to the Pro A/V industry. Its core service is to provide turnkey custom programming and touch panel design solutions that run on the dominant Control System hardware within the Pro A/V industry. Control Systems are a growing requirement for many A/V system installations where the complexity of the system requires custom control applications to make interacting and controlling these A/V systems easier to the end users of the systems.

Mussetter Programming Services is positioning itself as a partner to Pro A/V Integrators, Manufacturers, and A/V Design Consultants to help fulfill the specialty service of control software programming and commissioning that these A/V System Providers require. Many Pro A/V Integrators cannot, or do not, hire dedicated programming staff and instead, for various reasons, outsource this specialty service to sub-contractors that specialize in this field. Mussetter Programming Services is a company whose specialty is to provide a complete control system programming solution for these system providers as a separate, outsourced service that simplifies the A/V Integrator’s internal business process, and helps Integrators save money, time, and resources on their projects.


Core Values

MPSAV is a rather small software boutique house, a family business, started by husband and wife, that has been specializing in Audio Video Control Systems for well over a decade. We believe that business relationships are fostered over time, and best when treated at a mutual relationship. We take the approach with our client's projects, that we're representing our Pro A/V integrator to the best, so they look good. The end user may never know who we are, or that we had a hand in the project, as we work as seamlessly as possible with our Integration partners to form a unified front to the client. If our clients look bad to their end-user's, then so do we. We do everything possible to make sure we all look good at the end of the project, and the end-user is happy with our client, and our client can be happy with us.


Partner Outreach

Mussetter Programming Services has been wanting to provide a method to outreach to other Pro AV members to help contribute to the Pro AV community. We are starting some new projects, including a "Pro A/V Talk" forum, where we hope that members of the AV community can join up and discuss all aspects of the Pro A/V industry, from technical discussions, to business practices and new products on the market. We hope you will join us on the Pro A/V Talk Forum, registration is free.

We also will be starting a blog, where we discuss various topics of interest. We don't want to bore you with the same old Pro A/V talk, so we'll try to keep it fresh, and choose less talked about topics. Check out our Blog.

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