Solutions We Provide

Mussetter Programming Services offers a wide range of Pro A/V and programming/design services.  Based out of San Fransisco's Bay Area, we service the greater bay area extending south to Fresno and north past Auburn and Roseville and East to Reno, NV. Programming services can also be offered remotely to anywhere in the US.

Pro A/V Integrators:  We specialize in working with Pro AV Integrators, Dealers, and Installation companies to provide programming software solutions for their clients AV systems.

End Users:  We can help end-users who may need software changes to an existing system, or don't like the control software they currently have controlling their AV system.

Superior Quality

Mussetter Programming Services’ core business is to provide a solution to A/V Integrators and Manufacturers, for custom programming services in multiple Pro A/V vertical markets. Provide innovative, functional and useful control applications to end users. Fill a growing requirement for A/V systems control solutions that are easy to use, flexible, and visually stunning.

Mussetter Programming Services sets its control system programming solutions apart from others with top quality Graphic User Interface (GUI) design, and fast, efficient, and flexible backend control application programming. Mussetter Programming Services’ other advantages to other competitors, include top quality due to many years of industry experience in A/V systems, system engineering, programming, and graphic design. MPS is a one stop shop for any Integrator that needs specialty programming and device configuration services to complete their projects. MPS has many years of experience working closely with A/V Systems Integrator’s to complete their projects and meet or exceed their expectations.

Types of Projects We Specialize In

Commercial projects:  Boardrooms, Executive Offices, Conference rooms, Training rooms, Command/Control Centers, Network Operations Centers, Auditoriums, Cafeterias, Strategy Rooms,  Lobby's, Foyers, Churches/Sanctuaries, Theaters, Classrooms, Control Booths, Broadcast Booths and more...

Residential projects:  Whole house and distributed audio/video, Family rooms, Living Rooms, Home Theaters, Security/Survellience and more...

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