Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that MPSAV gets asked by new and potential clients. If you have any questions, or are interested in working with us, you may find this FAQ helpful for some basic information.



Q: Does MPSAV Sell Hardware? Are you a manufacturer dealer?
A: No we do not sell hardware, nor are we A/V system Integrators. We only develop software and provide services to AV Integrators and thier end-users. We do not sell equipment and are not registered as dealers with any manufacturer. We work with AV Integrators to provide a turn-key Control System Software for the systems THEY design, build, and install.

Q: How do I get a quote from MPSAV for creating programming for my AV system project?
A: Please contact MPSAV for a quote for your next A/V system software control solution. To request information or submit a quote, please call or email us at: See our ContactUs page for more details.

Q: Can MPSAV program upgrades/changes to my existing system that someone else originally programmed?
A: Yes we can in most cases. However, with some control systems, a copy of the original source code and touch panel files, in editable form, must be available. If you are requesting a change or upgrade to an existing project, and have a copy of the original code, it should be included with the quote request so the most accurate quote can be created for you. Also, MPSAV usually checks the integrety of the source code files by compiling them to assure no errors are reported or missing coponents are discovered.

Q: Does MPSAV perform service calls to diagnose and fix issues with an existing A/V control system?
A: Yes we can do service calls to troubleshoot issues or problems in an existing system. This type of service is usually performed on a Time & Materials basis like a typical service call would be.

Q: What is your normal service area range for projects?
A: MPSAV has completed projects all over Northern and Central California. Even in and around Reno, NV, and as far south as Fresno. We've also worked on and have completed projects all over the US, using a combination of 'old fashion' travel, remote networking technologies, and a close partnership with our Integrator clients, we are able to commission systems virtually anywhere.

Q: What Hardware platforms does MPSAV develop software for?
A: Our main focus is on dedicated full-scale platforms such as AMX, and Crestron. We also develop control solutions for Extron's MediaLink and TouchLink systems, as well as other semi-customizable platforms. We also have experience developing software applications for the PC environment using various development tools. In addition to software development for your project, we can also provide advanced configuration services for more complex devices such as audio DSP processors and Video Conferencing products.

Q: Is MPSAV manufacturer certified by control system vendors?
A: Yes in most cases. We are AMX A.C.E. certified for programming and engineering. And are also Crestron CSP providers, which means that we have completed full certification and have had to prove our reputation and agree to ethical business practices. We are also Extron Certified Control Providers. MPSAV also likes to add that experience is also worth it's weight in gold, even as much as certification. We have over 12 years developing Control Software for hundreds of Pro A/V systems. Not all Certified programmers or companies can make that claim.

Q: What are the typical steps for Project Management of a Control System software develpment project?
A: If you're a new potential customer for MPSAV and want to know from an integrators perspective, what steps are included in the software development phase, please read our System Integration Guide to see an overview of the steps involved in creating a turnkey software solution for your clients. This will help the Integrator know what to expect when working with MPSAV so as to better budget time, and know what requirements must be gathered during the development cycle, and the order of the various development 'stages'.

Q: What file formats can I submit A/V system schematics and CAD drawings in?
A: Almost any of the industry accepted formats will be fine. Drawings can be submitted in AutoCAD format, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Visio, or even a scanned images of preliminary drawings have been used. What's more important than the format, is the accuracy of the schematics and wiring diagrams.

Q: How long will the programming process take for my system?
A: Every system is unique, and every project comes together differently. How long the software development process will take is influenced by a number of factors including the actual project size/scope, whether all the system details are available, if changes have been requested mid-project or not, and other issues. Usually, during the quoting process a basic idea of what the integrator is expecting for turn-around is determined, and if any forseen issues arise to meeting that schedule, the Integrator will be informed immediately, or prior to project acceptance. The earlier you bring MPSAV into the project the better, and more accomodating we can be, as last minute rush jobs are more difficult to fit in the development 'pipeline'.

Q: Do you come out to the project site during any phase of the programming?
A: Yes in most cases on-site software commissioning and testing/debugging is performed onsite and included in a quoted system. There are exceptions to the rule, but in such a case, the integrator will know in advance, and it will be written in the scope to not include onsite time. In these rare cases it is usually due to a coordinated effort by the Intagrator to use in-house staff to configure and load the delivered software for various reasons, including distant project locations, etc.

Q: Will I get a copy of the source code and touch panel files to the AV control system at the end of the project?
A: Yes in most cases. The software that is loaded and ran can also be delivered in an editable form (ie: source code) for archival purposes. The copies of the software and the code are licenced to the system's owner, and while they are covered under a fairly open licence that allows editing, modification, and upgrading, but does have some restrictions on re-use and copying. Please see the full Software End User Licence Agreement for full details. We use as open a licensing scheme as possible to provide ease of mind to the end users while still protecting the software code and custom designs from being resold multiple times or reused in other systems.

Q: Do you provide training for the End Users of the software you develop for them?
A: We can if you would like us to. We develop our systems to be as easy to use by the average user as possible. We normally perform a quick overview of the system controls and functions to the AV Integrator when completing on-site testing. The Integrator can then perform training for their clients themselves, or MPSAV can be brought into the process. Many systems are still large and have some complexity, and the AV Integrator may wish to have MPSAV assist in the formal End User training. This service can be included in the quote or added on at a later time upon request.

Q: Is the information I submit to MPSAV kept confidential?
A: Yes, we keep all your proprietary information confidential. We will never re-use or sell/give any A/V system documentation, CAD drawings, or internal business process that you submit to MPSAV. We expect the same level of confidentiality for the documents and information we share as well.

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