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Control System Integration Guide - This guide will help new AV Integrators know what to expect when working with MPSAV for the first time. It provides details on the process, and requirements neccessary for a successful project. First time, and prospective clients, PLEASE READ, it will help your project go as smooth as possible without surprises.

Mussetter Programming Services EULA - This is the full copy of the End User Licence Agreement that our solutions are provided under. If a different kind of licence is required for a particular client, please mention in the requirements on a project by project basis.


MPSAV Software:

MPS_CommTester 1.0 This application is for testing rs232 connections and communication strings to external devices. Used for testing device control and control protocol confirmation. Can be used to see data between 2 connected devices allowing user to 'analyze' protocol for diagnostics or reverse engineering of control protocol.

MPS_UTECLogger 3.0 This application is for logging and displaying information from TurboXS UTEC aftermarken engine managment hardware. Collects and averages log data live while you road test your vehicle and displays that data in a more useful way to allow for easier tuning of UTEC ECU.

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