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Freeware and Software Utilities:

Freeware: PC Utilities


1. Dropbox - Seamlessly Sync and backup files online between mulitple computers. Send links to people for big files, etc. Works like a local folder on your computer. MUST HAVE SOFTWARE! Use this referral link HERE to get an extra 250MB of space in addition to the free 2GB of space they give you with a free account.

2. Knoppix Linux Boot CD - Boot your PC into Knoppix Linux from CD ROM only and have access to NTFS, USB, CD and more for system recovery.

3. Windows"Portable Environment" Boot CD - Bart's PEBuilder will create a CD to boot your PC into Windows XP or 2000 to have access to NTFS, USB, CD and windows applications for system and data recovery.

4. Ultimate Boot CD for Windows - Based on Bart's PEBuilder, this software will create a CD to boot your PC into Windows XP or 2000.  In addition, it includes a precompiled set of programs and utilities from free AntiVirus and SpyWare programs, to Registry Editors and File Recovery programs.

5. ISO Burner - Freeware by LSoft.  Very small and non-installed program that lets you burn .iso (CD disc image files) to a CD/DVD.  Minimal memory requirement and very download.  Great for keeping on your USB flash.

Freeware: Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware


1. AVG Anti-Virus - Freeware (for personal use) anti-virus program from GriSoft that has a fairly good reputation.  Uses less resources than other main-stream anti-virus programs and receives updates very regularly.

2. Ad-Aware SE Personal - Freeware from Lavasoft.  This is a tried and true anti-adware program that has been around for a very long time, and is still top rated.

3. SpyBot Search & Destroy - Freeware from Safer Networking Limited.  This is another tried and true program with a long history and great reputation.  This one removes Spy Ware, and can also prevent thousands of spy ware types from attaching to your web browser (such as toolbars and homepage hi-jackers).




Ghandhicam Drop Location


1. A FREE GhandiCam file drop location to use (for personal liberty protection purposes). GhandhiCam is smartphone software that automatically uploads any photo's or video's taken on a phone as soon as they are taken so that those photos and videos are protected from deletion or even phone confiscation attempts.


Microsoft Windows Tips / Fixes


1.  XP continuously reboots during startup, or halts while loading NTFS.SYS and displays a stop error BSOD and won't start up.  XP won't startup in any boot mode including "Safe Mode" or "Command Prompt".


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