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Mussetter Programming Services is currently in the process of developing new software tools and products that can be used with A/V systems to give systems even more expanded capabilities...


MPS CommTester 1.0

MPS_CommTester 1.0 - The best and most flexible serial troubleshooting software around. Regular terminal programs only allow you to send and receive serial strings that contain ASCII characters that contain alpha-numeric numbers. MPSCommTester allows you to build serial strings that contain any mix of numbers, letter, hex characters, and decimal references to all ASCII and extended ASCII characters. Lets you view received data in both text format and hex format simultaneously. In addition, by using two com ports on your pc, you can connect your pc inline between 2 devices communicating via serial, and "see" the data being sent between the two devices, as well as insert data into the serial stream. Supports com ports 1-6, and all major baud rates up to 115200bps. This software has been used for years "in-house" by Mussetter Programming Services to aid in day to day Crestron and AMX programming jobs and is now available to the public.

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MPS UTECLogger 3.0

MPS_UTECLogger 3.0 - While this one isn't a Audio/Video related application, MPS is dedicated to supporting the aftermarket automotive market. (Ok, I'm a car nut!) MPS_UTECLogger is a companion software for the TurboXS UTEC (User Tunable Engine Controller) aftermarket ECU. The TurboXS UTEC is a state of the art automotive ECU that allows users to take control of their automobile computer to enhance performance. MPS_UTECLogger software helps users to analyze and log their custom performance tune. Novice UTEC users to Professional Tuners can benefit from the features that MPS_UTECLogger provides. For more information, please click the link to go to the MPS_UTECLogger download home page.

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